Nebraska Revised Statute 14-606

Revised Statutes » Chapter 14 » 14-606
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14-606. Police officer; bond; arrest powers.

Each police officer shall give a bond, shall have the same powers as sheriffs in arresting all offenders against the laws of the state, and may arrest all offenders against the ordinances of the city with or without a warrant. In discharge of their duties as police officers, they shall be subject to the immediate orders of the chief of police.


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A policeman is an officer who is required to give an official bond, and premium is payable from general funds of the city. Wheeler v. City of Omaha, 111 Neb. 494, 196 N.W. 894 (1924).

Policeman is required to give bond as a public officer. Rooney v. City of Omaha, 104 Neb. 260, 177 N.W. 166 (1920).