13-319. County; sales and use tax authorized; limitation; election.

Any county by resolution of the governing body may impose a sales and use tax of one-half percent, one percent, or one and one-half percent upon the same transactions sourced as provided in sections 77-2703.01 to 77-2703.04 within the county, but outside any incorporated municipality which has adopted a local sales tax pursuant to section 77-27,142, on which the state is authorized to impose a tax pursuant to the Nebraska Revenue Act of 1967, as amended from time to time. Any sales and use tax imposed pursuant to this section must be used (1) to finance public safety services provided by a public safety commission, (2) to provide the county share of funds required under any other agreement executed under the Interlocal Cooperation Act or Joint Public Agency Act, or (3) to finance public safety services provided by the county. A sales and use tax shall not be imposed pursuant to this section until an election has been held and a majority of the qualified electors have approved the tax pursuant to sections 13-322 and 13-323.

Source:Laws 1996, LB 1177, § 6; Laws 1999, LB 87, § 53; Laws 2003, LB 282, § 2; Laws 2011, LB106, § 2.

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