11-125. Bonds; county officers; premium paid by county; conditions.

If any county treasurer, county attorney, clerk of the district court, county clerk, county judge, clerk magistrate, county assessor, register of deeds, county sheriff, county commissioner or supervisor, or acting officer who is appointed as provided by section 32-561 furnishes a bond executed by a surety company authorized by the laws of this state to execute such bond and such bond is approved by the county board, then the county may pay the premium for such bond. Any surety bond so executed and approved shall contain a covenant to the effect that when the stated term of the bond is reduced to a shorter term by reason of the death, resignation, or removal from office of such official for a cause not imposing liability on the bond, the obligor shall refund to the county the unearned portion of the premium so paid for the term of the bond subject to a reasonable minimum premium charge.

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