10-803. Election; proposition; contents; proceeds of sale of bonds; disposition; procedure; expenses.

The proceeds of such bonds shall be used for the purpose of assisting destitute or needy sufferers from any cyclone, tornado or destructive windstorm, to repair or rebuild their homes or dwelling houses, damaged or destroyed by such cyclone, tornado or windstorm, such assistance to be provided in the following manner: The county may loan or advance to any such destitute or needy sufferer, for the purpose of repairing or rebuilding his or her dwelling house, such sum as may be determined upon by the county board or by the board named by the county board for that purpose, upon the borrower executing his or her note to the county, secured by a mortgage upon the premises upon which such dwelling house or home is or is to be located. The county may at any time transfer or assign such note and mortgage for a valuable consideration, upon approval by the county board. Such note and mortgage may be executed for a period of not more than ten years. The loans of such money shall be made by a board of five resident freeholders of such county, who shall be appointed by the county board thereof, and shall be named in the proposition submitting such bonds to the vote of the electors of the county. The county board shall provide the details for effecting the loans, and the manner in which and the conditions under which the same shall be made; but all such provisions shall be determined upon by the county board prior to the submission of such bonds, and shall be set forth in the proposition submitting the same to the vote of the electors. The county board may use or set aside not more than five percent of the proceeds of the sale of such bonds for the purpose of paying the expenses of the board provided for, and its employees, in administering and carrying out the provisions of sections 10-801 to 10-807.

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