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"...Providing Nebraska students with a greater understanding and appreciation for representative democracy, their state government, and the Nebraska Legislature."

State legislatures have begun to take a more active role in educating the public, particularly our young people, about representative democracy.

The result of our efforts is the Warner Institute for Education in Democracy, a program offering to assist classroom instructors with teaching aids about government and the Nebraska Legislature. We asked for help from a group of Nebraska educators from across the state to offer ideas and react to our own thoughts. Our goal has been to design features on our web site that will be particularly useful, helpful, and beneficial for teachers, as well as interesting and instructive for the students.

Named for the late Sen. Jerome Warner, the Institute has been available to teachers and students across the state since August 1999. It is hoped that those students who participate in the program will gain a greater understanding and appreciation for representative democracy and its role in our society.