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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB99 Stinner Passed Change provisions relating to the conversion of unincorporated entities, corporations, partnerships, limited partnerships, and limited liability partnerships into other business entities
LB100 Stinner General File Change provisions relating to removal of firearm-related disabilities under the Nebraska Mental Health Commitment Act
LB101 Stinner General File Change duration requirements for certain state agency contracts
LB149 Stinner Select File Provide, change, and eliminate appropriations
LB150 Stinner Referral Provide for a transfer from the Cash Reserve Fund
LB151 Stinner Delivered to Governor Change and provide for duties of the Auditor of Public Accounts and certain audited entities
LB221 Stinner Referral Change the transfer from a fund
LB222 Stinner Delivered to Governor Change membership and provide, change, and eliminate powers and duties of the Nebraska Tourism Commission
LB403 Stinner Withdrawn Change registration application, examination, and fee requirements under the Abstracters Act and provide for a duplicate certificate of authority
LB496 Stinner General File Define and redefine terms under the Community Development Law
LB540 Stinner Referral Provide for a temporary aid adjustment factor in the Tax Equity and Educational Opportunities Support Act
LB611 Stinner General File Require state agencies to provide a federal funding inventory
LR32 Stinner Recognize February 7, 2017, as the 30th anniversary of the Nebraska Dry Bean Commission
LR42 Stinner Congratulate Daeton Blanco, Mark Karpf, and Riley Gaudreault on achieving the rank of Eagle Scout
LR110 Stinner Congratulate Raymond Palmer, Traiton Brunner, and Jim Eastman on achieving the rank of Eagle Scout
LR117 Stinner Congratulate Maurie Deines for receiving the Distinguished Citizen Award
LR118 Stinner Congratulate Jace Demeranville for receiving the Distinguished Scout Award