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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB610 Kolowski Referral Adopt the Community Solar Energy Economic Development Act
LB354 Kolowski Referral Adopt the Wage Disclosure Act
LB270 Kolowski Referral Appropriate funds to the State Department of Education
LB633 Kolowski Referral Authorize school districts to levy a tax and exceed budget authority for school security measures and student technology
LB652 Kolowski Referral Authorize the display of the Honor and Remember Flag
LR37 Kolowski Congratulate Jacob McNeill for being chosen as a Nebraska delegate to the United States Senate Youth Program
LB484 Kolowski Referral Create the School Financing Review Commission
LB361 Kolowski Referral Exempt sales of clothing and footwear from sales and use taxes as prescribed
LR239 Kolowski Referral Interim study to examine issues related to solar energy development in Nebraska
LR143 Kolowski Referral Interim study to examine pay equity issues
LR129 Kolowski Referral Interim study to explore best practices for incorporating the study of the Holocaust and other genocides into primary and secondary curriculum
LB326 Kolowski Referral Provide additional budget and tax levy authority for certain school districts
LB197 Kolowski Referral Provide for electronic application for an early voting ballot
LB471 Kolowski Referral Provide for enforcement of the prohibition against using a handheld wireless communication device as a primary action
LB575 Kolowski Referral Provide funding for schools offering certain programs and courses as prescribed
LR38 Kolowski Recognize March 3, 2017, as National Speech and Debate Education Day in the State of Nebraska