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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB104 Bolz Referral Provide for a surrogate to make health care decisions
LB178 Bolz General File Provide for sexual assault protection order
LB179 Bolz Referral Change provisions relating to transition of young adults to independence
LB180 Bolz General File Provide for bridge orders transferring juvenile court jurisdiction of a juvenile to a district court
LB180A Bolz General File Appropriation Bill
LB242 Bolz Referral Appropriate funds for the recruitment of students who study to become behavioral health professionals
LB243 Bolz General File Require reporting of certain information concerning assaults that occur in state institutions
LB244 Bolz General File Change provisions relating to mental injury and mental illness for workers' compensation
LB245 Bolz Referral Provide for a corrections-related emergency and overtime as prescribed
LB355 Bolz General File Provide for Native American Cultural Awareness and History Plates
LB356 Bolz General File Create the Civic Engagement Cash Fund and state intent relating to fund transfers
LB356A Bolz General File Appropriation Bill
LB357 Bolz Referral Increase original certificate of title fees for vehicles transferred to Nebraska from another state and provide for voluntary contributions to brain injury programs
LB411 Bolz Referral Change Nebraska Juvenile Code provisions relating to placement of siblings
LB412 Bolz Referral Provide duties for the state investment officer relating to investment in energy-related companies or funds
LB442 Bolz Referral Create the Medical Assistance Managed Care Organization Oversight Committee
LB443 Bolz Referral Adopt the Student Loan Repayment Tax Credit Act
LB514 Bolz Referral State intent to appropriate funds for a Justice Reinvestment Initiative Coordinator
LB515 Bolz General File Create the Nebraska Integrated Education and Training Grant Program
LB567 Bolz Referral Change funding for county public assistance offices
LR27 Bolz Referral State legislative intent regarding refugees in Nebraska
LR52 Bolz Recognize Vicki Bauer for her years of service to the state and for her efforts to expand adult education
LR53 Bolz Recognize March 2017 as Social Work Month in Nebraska
LR80 Bolz Extend sympathy to the family of Colton Ross Smith