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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB48 Schumacher Referral Provide an income tax adjustment relating to certain gains on the sale of real estate
LB49 Schumacher Referral Provide for the treatment of certain amendments to the Internal Revenue Code
LB50 Schumacher Referral Provide reporting duties relating to behavioral health entities
LB51 Schumacher General File Change provisions relating to sales of real property for nonpayment of taxes
LB52 Schumacher Referral Adopt the Modern Tax Act
LB53 Schumacher Referral Change provisions relating to mandatory minimum sentencing and sentencing of habitual criminals
LB54 Schumacher Referral Change provisions relating to unattended motor vehicles
LB55 Schumacher Referral Change a duty of landowners relating to the frequency of mowing roadside weeds
LB72 Schumacher Select File Provide for governmental unit bond priority under the Nebraska Governmental Unit Security Interest Act and rename the act
LB120 Schumacher Referral Provide for Medical Assistance Act coverage for family planning services as prescribed
LB148 Schumacher Delivered to Governor Change provisions of the Securities Act of Nebraska
LB187 Schumacher General File Increase a dollar threshold for transactions exempt from registration under the Securities Act of Nebraska, provide for an annual adjustment to such amount, and provide for the effect of exempt sales on malpractice premiums
LB268 Schumacher Select File Change court and other provisions relating to medical assistance reimbursement
LB268A Schumacher E and R Initial Appropriation Bill
LB373 Schumacher Referral Change and eliminate revenue and taxation provisions
LB374 Schumacher Referral Provide an income tax credit for corporate income taxes paid and change sunset dates under the Nebraska Advantage Act
LB375 Schumacher Select File Change provisions of the Credit Union Act
LB475 Schumacher Referral Change the application deadline under the Nebraska Job Creation and Mainstreet Revitalization Act
LB558 Schumacher Select File Define the term knife for certain provisions of the criminal code
LB559 Schumacher Referral Prohibit the collection of interchange fees on specified taxes and fees relating to electronic payment transactions
LB560 Schumacher Referral Change restrictive housing and inmate discipline provisions
LB561 Schumacher Referral Create the Taxpayer Investment Program